AStA is the abbreviation of Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss der Hochschule (which means General Students' Committee). The AStA is the executive organ and the chair of the student parliament (STUPA). The student parliament represents the students, their opinions and rights and can decide "laws". 

The AStA Team


Responsibilities within the ASTA

The general student's committee has five members, which manage the daily business of the student body. Nearly every week the AStA has a meeting to exchange views and to distribute tasks. 

Additionally the AStA holds the chair of the student parliament. The leading positions in the AStA are the chairman, the secretary and the financial referent.



Tasks of the Asta

The functions of the AStA are according to the national university law

  • the representation of the student's interests in the university senate and towards the university management and the university administration. 
  • the support of arts, culture and sports at the Reutlingen University.